Privacy of your information

This is not a legal document, but it is hopefully a plain-english statement of our intent with regards to the data we collect from you.


Subscription E-Mail List

We collect information, where you provide it and consent to it, for the purposes of keeping you updated on all things related to the Proteomics Methods Forum conferences. We will not use the information you give us for any other purpose than to contact you and give you information regarding the conference.

That said, because of the way that the Proteomics Methods Forum conferences are run (the organizing committee moves around the UK academic institutions to allow individuals to easily reach the conference at some point), we use a third-party (MailChimp) to hold your names and e-mail addresses. We use that third-party to contact you, which may mean our messages to you fall in your “Spam” folder. MailChimp provides a manner by which we may contact you. Their terms and conditions state that they will not interact with you passed that point and they will not market your details. You can find out more information about MailChimp’s privacy policy and their terms of service on their website. You will also be able to find information on their website about how they secure your details, and the certification they have secured as a result.

Since we are using a third-party to store these details, we request the bare minimum of information: your name and your e-mail address. It is, after all, all we need to contact you to give you information and updates relating to the conference.

In the past, the organizers of the Proteomics Methods Forum conferences have maintained an ad-hoc e-mail list of former participants. This list was quite out of date and due to its ad-hoc nature, has been a challenge to maintain and pass between organizers. Due to new EU regulations (namely GDPR), this list has now been discarded. In its place, we have a new system whereby interested parties may register their name and e-mail address with our website.

If you wish to subscribe to our e-mail list, you can scroll to the bottom of certain web pages (i.e., our home page, our about us page, and the latest conference page): when you do this you will be presented with a masked dialog to subscribe to our e-mail list. This will only be presented to you once and a cookie is set to detail whether you have seen the dialog (if you decide later that you want to subscribe to the list, you can go to our MailChimp subscription form).


Registration details

Details of delegates are collected via a third-party. This year we are using the St Andrew’s University e-mail payment site. We store the name of the individual booking the delegate(s), e-mail address, telephone number, billing address, delegate name, dietary requirements, and access requirements. The information collected is used to facilitate the organization of the conference, including potentially contacting you about the conference, and to enable the organizers to contact the delegates should any issues arise regarding the conference in the year that the delegate has registered.

This information will be stored for 6 months after the conference simply to facilitate any issues with billing, after which it will be purged.

The contact details will not be added to any contact list, nor will they be passed to any third-party.


Sponsorship details

The following details on Sponsors are collected: the company name; the contact at the company; their e-mail address. This information will be stored for 12 months from the end of the conference date in order to facilitate the organizers of the next conference. We will use the stored details in order to see if the company would like to sponsor the next conference. At this point, the details will be refreshed or removed.

The details collected are based on interactions the organizers have with companies that might be potential sponsors.



Our website does not use cookies in a way to identify you. We use a cookie to determine whether you have been shown the e-mail subscription pop-up.