2019: St. Andrews

The Proteomics Methods Forum is coming to St. Andrews on 18-20 June 2019.

We’re pleased to announce that the Proteomics Methods Forum will be hosted by the University of St. Andrews on Tuesday 19th to Thursday 20th June 2019 at the Gateway building on the University campus. The circular building is prominently located on your right as you enter St. Andrews.

There will be a Core PMF (cPMF) meeting held prior to the main PMF meeting. The cPMF meeting will take place in the Medical Sciences Building in Seminar Room 1. This meeting is focused particularly for Core Facilities of Universities due to the unique issues that they face. These are frequently a subset of the issues discussed in the wider PMF meetings. This will be the second cPMF meeting after the need was first identified last year. The Medical Sciences Building is next to the Gateway Building at the entrance to the North Haugh campus.

There is a small charge (£25) for the conference this year. This is to put towards administration costs and help towards some conference costs, although the main bulk of the costs are covered by our generous sponsors and exhibitors.

Working Programme

Tuesday 18th June: Optional Core PMF (cPMF)

After last year we have arranged for a limited "Core" PMF meeting, targeted at the attendees who belong to Core Facilities in University's. There are currently a limited 50 places for this part of the meeting. It will be targeted around issues that affect University Core Facilities with a focus in protein mass spectrometry, and aims to provide a community assistance forum.

Wednesday 19th June morning: Optional Vendors workshop

There will be an optional vendor workshop, which is an opportunity to hear from various vendors who sponsor the PMF meeting. This is an opportunity to hear about the latest technology and advancements that have been made by the vendors in protein mass spectrometry, as well as to hear an overview of the ASMS meeting.

Wednesday 19th June afternoon: PMF #1

The heart of the Proteomics Methods Forum meeting commences here. It is an opportunity to hear various talks from those in the community, with a focus on methodologies rather than results. The Proteomics Methods Forum has always provided a opportunity for "frank" (plain) discussion about issues in the field of protein mass spectrometry.

Thursday 20th June morning: PMF #2

The conclusion of the main meeting, with various opportunities to network with others in the field of protein mass spectrometry.

PMF session structure

4x 10 min talks with 5 min questions (1 hour)

Theme discussion (20 min)

Flash sessions (110 min): Vendor flashes = 5x 2 min talks from main MS vendors to highlight their latest developments; Advice flashes = 5x 2 min or 10x 1 min presentations about issues people would like advice on; Submitted flashes = 10x 1 min submitted presentations

Evening event

The purpose is to bring people together and stimulate interactions. With this in mind, we have arranged for Rob Beynon (Liverpool) to come and to have a discussion after.

Presenters needed!

Each talk must be focused on the methodological aspects of the work and have minimal biological intro slides (this is the PMF!). If you think you can provide a talk please contact us with a title and abstract for consideration. If your talk doesn’t fit in the remit then contact us with regards to submitted flash presentation slot and face the Horn!

Accommodation for PMF 2019

The recommended accommodation for PMF 2019 is the St. Andrews University halls. You can find out more details about the halls by clicking the button below. If you don’t wish to stay in the University halls, there are plenty of hotels in St. Andrews that you can book and stay in.

The nearest hall to the Gateway, where PMF 2019 is being held, is the Agnes Blackadder Hall. The Mackintosh Hall is also close and is another option. It was not possible to arrange a promotional code for accommodation.

Travel to St. Andrews

The train is probably the best way of getting to PMF 2019. St. Andrews does not have a railway station (if you put this into a ticket machine you will end up in Bristol!). The nearest railway station is Leuchars and as this is on the main east coast line it is well serviced with regular trains. There is a bus connection that meets the trains to transfer to St. Andrews.  Alternatively, there is a busy taxi rank that can also take you St. Andrews.  Leuchars is about 4 miles from St. Andrews.

The closest Airports are Dundee Airport, which has a couple of scheduled flights which I suspect are very expensive, and Edinburgh Airport.   Edinburgh Airport is 50 miles (1.5 hrs) from St Andrews by car.

The alternative is to hire a car with friends. There is loads of free parking in St. Andrews. University car parking requires a permit. However, there is a large free public car park (Petheram Bridge car park) with 300 spaces opposite the Gateway building.