2017: Oxford

The Proteomics Methods Forum (PMF) in 2017 was held at the University of Oxford on June 22nd and 23rd, 2017. The meeting was organised by Dr Roman Fischer and took place in the Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. The event was provided free of charge because of the generous support of our sponsors.

2017 Sponsors


of the 2017 conference

We were able to host this conference for free because of the generous support of our sponsors. We carefully select sponsors who are applicable to the field of proteomics, and they, in turn, get access to a targeted audience directly interested in their products. There was the opportunity to meet with the representatives of these companies during lunch and coffee breaks to hear about their latest developments relevant to the field.

We’re grateful to ThermoFischer Scientific, Bruker, SciEx, Agilent Technologies, ATG Scientific, Li-Cor, Matrix Science and SomaLogic for their generous support of the 2017 conference.


We booked a number of B&B rooms in the Lady Margaret Conference facilities, conveniently located where the conference took place. The rooms were comfortable and their close proximity to the conference and the city made getting a lie in a sure thing.


The programme

The provisional schedule we are looking at is for registration to take place on Thursday, June 22nd from 11:30am. Lunch will be provided from 12pm, followed by talks and discussions taking place from 1pm onwards. We're then proposing a drinks reception at 6pm followed by a networking discussion opportunity in the pub at 7:30pm. Talks and discussions will recommence at 9am on Friday, June 23rd, followed by lunch at 12:30pm and finishing at 2pm. Ample time will be given to network at the event, to discuss methodologies and approaches.

We have provisionally scheduled talks from these speakers:

  • Nicola Ternette (Oxford)
  • Pedro Cutillas(London)
  • Claire Eyers (Liverpool)
  • Matthias Trost (Dundee/now Newcastle)
  • Bernhard Kuster (Munich)
  • Laurent Gatto (Cambridge)
  • Achim Treumann (Newcastle)

We are seeking to put on a number of very short talks too and are seeking volunteers. If you wish to offer a talk then please fill in the form below.

The event will be preceded by a half-day workshop put on by ThermoFischer Scientific. You can find out the agenda for this workshop here, along with details about how to register.