2016: Warwick

In 2016, the Proteomics Methods Forum (PMF) met in central United Kingdom, at the University of Warwick. The meeting was organised and hosted by Dr Alex Jones, who was a Reader at the time focusing in Plant Cell Signalling and Trafficking.

Approximately 100 people attended PMF 2016 at the University of Warwick, representing companies, institutions and universities from all over the UK. The traditional two half days of talks included sessions on ‘Bioinformatics and Data Analysis’, ‘Post-Translational Modifications’, ‘Quantification and targeted proteomics’ and to accommodate the wide variety of topics a session on ‘Diverse Proteomics’. Two societies were represented; the BSPR and BMSS and the evening highlight talk was presented by Henning Hermjakob, Head of Molecular Systems, European Bioinformatics Institute ‘From ProteomeXchange to Reactome - Gathering and Analysing Proteomics Big Data’.

A meeting of individuals before PMF hearing about the latest technology

Pre-meeting seminar

Discussions over lunch about methodologies and technologies

Meet-and-greet over lunch



The 2016 meeting was sponsored by: